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Under Hire Purchase Act 1967,

1. Right to copy of statement relating to his financial position- section 9

2. Right to appropriation of payment- section 10

3. Right to apply for an order of goods to be removed- section 11

4. Right to assign- section 12

5. Right by operation of law in the event of death- section 13

6. Right to early completion of agreement- section 14

7. Right to terminate agreement- section 15

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Q: What are the statutory rights of hirer under hire purchase agreement?
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What is Hire-Purchase System characteristics?

There are some salient characterisitics to the Hire-Purchase System. The cash price of goods is paid in installment on agreed terms. The title to goods passes on last payment. The Hire Vendor (Seller) can take possession of goods if Hirer fails to pay an installment. The Hirer is not responsible for risk of loss of goods, till the ownership is transferred. The Hirer cannot mortgage, hire or sell or pledge the goods. The Hirer has got a right to terminate the agreement at any time before the property so passes.

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Difference between sales and hire purchase?

1. In a sale, property in the goods is transferred to the buyer immediately at the time of contract, whereas in hire-purchase, the property in the goods passes to the hirer upon payment of the last installment. 2. In a sale, the position of the buyer is that of the owner of the goods but in hire purchase, the position of the hirer is that of a bailee till he pays the last installment. 3. In the case of a sale, the buyer cannot terminate the contract and is bound to pay the price of the goods. On the other hand, in the case of hire-purchase, the hirer may, if he so likes, terminate the contract by returning the goods to its owner without any liability to pay the remaining installments. 4. In the case of a sale, the seller takes the risk of any loss resulting from the insolvency of the buyer. In the case of hire purchase, the owner takes no such risk, for if the hirer fails to pay an installment, the owner has the right to take back the goods. 5. In the case of a sale, the buyer can pass a good title to a bonafide purchaser from him but in a hire-purchase, the hirer cannot pass any title even to a bonafide purchaser. 6. In a sale, sales tax is levied at the time of the contract whereas in a hire-purchase, sales tax is not leviable until it eventually ripens into a sale (K.L. Johar & Co. vs. Dy. Commercial Tax Officer).

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