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What you need you know is that the word congressional means "Congress".

Congress is of course the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Here are the steps.

1. File for office in their state.

2. State campaigning in the district.

3. Win delegate votes in caucuses.

4. Delegate go to state political party convention and they hear the candidates and vote on them.

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Q: What are the steps in a congressional election?
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No . All presidential election years are divisible by four. (All even numbered years are congressional election years-- 1958 did see congressional elections.)

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There were presidential and congressional election in every state in the US in 1852.

What was the Congressional election of 1850?

Millard Fillmore

What is a typical Congressional election and typical Congressional district?

The election to elect senators and house of representative members. Congressional district is a certain district that elects the representative which is based on the census every ten years

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What kind of election is held in Congressional election if no candidate wins a majority of the popular vote?


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Those are commonly known as mid-term elections.

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in a congressional election novanet

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The next national congressional election will occur in November of 2010; the next presidential election will occur in 2012.

Who won the philadelphia congressional election of 1794?

Democratic-Republican John Swanwick

What does it take to win a congressional election?

A lot of $$$, votes, courage, time, and adds.