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The 5 sub processes of modernization are Technological development, Agricultural development, Urbanization, Industrialization, and Telecommunications.

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Q: What are the sub-process of modernization?
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Which president deregulated banks?

Prez Bill Clinton, with Financial Services Modernization Act 1999.

What are the causes of modernization?

Education, Mass Communication, Urbanization and Industrialization, Ideology based on nationalism, Charismatic Leadership, and Coercive Governmental Authority

What did Horace Mann reformed?

Horace Mann was committed to reforms in the education sector because he wanted to see speedy modernization

Modernization make us stanger or more vulnerable?

We are made stronger by our efforts and more vulnerable by our lack of effort, or hap hazard efforts. We are not stronger today because of modernization, modernization is a symptom of strong willed people. Reasonable people will conform to the world and it's constraints, unreasonable people will demand the world conform to their wishes. It is the unreasonable people who make comfort and expedience possible for reasonable people to enjoy. We are human and because we are we remain vulnerable to a cold and uncaring universe who patiently plots our destruction. I say let's modernize and learn how to manipulate this cold and uncaring universe to our own ends. What's the worse that can happen, the universe wins anyway?

The whig party believed that government?

The Whig party saw Andrew Jackson as a dangerous man. They felt he had an opposition to social, economic, and moral modernization, which was what they believed in. They pledged themselves to Congressional supremacy. They felt that congress represented the will of the people, not the president.

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What is the correct spelling for modernization?


Which subprocess of property plant and equipment includes demand maintenance and annual planning and functions?

The Property Plant and Equipment process is the financial policy related to owned real estate and personal property as outlined by the United Nations Development Programme. The subprocess that include demand maintenance and annual planning are related to the budgeting of repairs for properties.

Differences between westernization and modernization?

does modernization mean westernization

What causes modernization?

There are several causes of modernization. Some of the causes of modernization include urbanization, social progress, technological advancements, and education.

What should India strive for westernization or modernization?

For Sure,India should strive for Modernization. 1. Modernization is linked to an overarching process of rationalization. 2 .Modernization entails a change in belief about the way the material would operates. 3. Modernization does not mean westernization. 4. Modernization means self independence. 5.Modernization does not mean only to live life as a modern man but also to change our perceptions. 6.Modernization is adopting the prevalent mannerism in all aspects of life. 7.Modernization is the process of urbanization,industrialization as well as to the spread of education.

What is the difference between Islam and modernization?

Islam is never against modernization.

Distingush between modernization and modernity?

distinguish between modernization and modernity?

What 5th modernization did some people want from China's government?

social modernization

How is modernization a curse?

modernization is a curse becouse it brought various defficultie in human relatios

Why is modernization of farm made more difficult if it is small?

Because they have not enough capital investment for modernization in a farm.

How was modernization viewed in the south during the civil war?

The south viewed modernization as a bad thing, and preferred to use their slaves. Their one piece of modernization was the cotton gin. Although they viewed modernization as something bad, they used some pieces of technology to increase farm production.

What are the goals of modernization?

To be wankers