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Three main arguments for independence is:

  • They wouldn't be under the rein of the king.
  • No slaves
  • Stopping the British from putting taxes on the colonists.

Three main arguments against independence is:

  • Fear of losing the war.
  • Not being ready for indepence.
  • Didnt think they would have enough men to fight in the war.
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Q: What are the three arguments for and against Independence?
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What were the arguments against declaring independence?

The arguments against declaring independence were that the declaration of independance would lead to war and the colonist would not be faithful

What were three arguments in the in the declaration of independence?

AnswerThe three main topics of the Declaration of Independence were the freedom of religion, the voice of the people to matter, and the pursuit of happiness.... :)

What arguments do the authors of the Declaration of Independence make?

The authors of the Declaration of Independence argued against taxation without representation and for religious freedom.

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Are the articles of confederation similar to the declaration of independence?

They are similiar but the Articles of Confederation were mostly dealt with the arguments of the South against the North, not to England. But yes they are similiar.

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Where do the premises for the arguments presented in the declaration of independence?

The preamble

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What three groups of people had the British enlisted to fight against the colonists as stated in three grievances in the declaration of independence?

According to the Declaration of Independence, the British had enlisted their standing army, foreign mercenaries, and the Native American tribes living along the frontier to fight against the colonists. All three groups are mentioned explicitly in the grievances section of the Declaration of Independence.

Where do the premises of the arguments presented in the Declaration of Independence appear?

The preamble