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Cognitive , Normative And Material !

Cognitive -Refers to how we learn the process so as to give it meaning

(identifying the ring of cell phones as hours ,recongnising the cartoon of a politician)

Normative - this refers to rule of conduct

(not openings peoples letter performing rituals at death )

Material - This includes any activity made possible by means of materials,materials also include tools or machines .

(internet chatting using rice flour paste to design kolam on floors , cars etc

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Q: What are the three dimensions of culture used by sociologists?
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"Material culture" is the term used in sociology to refer to the physical creations of a culture of people. It's the collection of all the physical artifacts used by a society.

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Studying religion in general terms is difficult for sociologists to do because of the varying degree of beliefs, practices, and methods used in religion. However, many sociologists use both qualitative and quantitative methods of research, giving them a wider picture of religion.

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