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The systemic circulation includes three parts. The coronary circulation, the hepaticportal circulation and the renal circulation

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Q: What are the three major branches of the systemic circulation?
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The three major parts of circulatory system?

The SYSTEMIC CIRCULATION transfers oxygenated blood from a central pump (the heart) to all of the body tissues (systemic arterial system) and returns deoxygenated blood with a high carbon dioxide content from the tissues to the central pump (systemic venous system). The PULMONARY CIRCULATION is where oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange between the blood and alveolar air occurs. The PORTAL CIRCULATION normally is only one capillary bed for each branch of a circuit, however, there are a few instances where there are two capillary beds, one after each other, in series. hope this helps^_^

What are the three kinds of circulation found in the human body?

Pulmonary, Systemic, and Coronary.

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What are the three major circuits of blood flow?

Pulmonary circulation (between the heart and lungs) Systematic circulation (between the heart and the rest of the body) Coronary circulation (the heart's own blood supply/supply to cardiac tissue)

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3 types of circulation in the body?

The three types of blood circulation in the body are the systemic, pulmonary and portal circulation. The systemic is also known as the greater circulation and the pulmonary is also known as the lesser circulation.

What are the three types of circulation?

the three types of Blood Circulation are.Portal circulationPulmonary (Lesser) circulationSystemic (Greater) circulation

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