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During the American Founding Period, the Framers (or, Founders) of the new nation created a bicameral legislative branch of government for a number of reasons. The principal reasons are as follows: First, they intended to allow the general populace to have a substantial, if not complete, say in the governance of the nation, hence their formation of the House of Representatives. Second, they intended to reserve space for specialists (one might even say 'elites') in the governance of the nation, hence their formation of the Senate.

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Equal representation (in both houses whether by numbers or population) and checks and balances - both houses must pass legislation

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Historical, Practical, and Theoretical reasons.

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Q: What are the three reasons for a bicameral legislature?
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What is a two-house legislature?


Why did the framers create a bicameral legislature?

The United States adopted the bicameral legislature for a variety of reasons. First, some of the colonies had used bicameral legislature with great success. Second, the Founding Fathers wanted to be able to balance the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of government.

What is a bicameral legislature best described as?

A bicameral legislature is composed of two houses of the legislature.

Did bicameral legislature is made up of two houses?

Bicameral means that there are two houses or chambers. If the legislature had three houses or chambers, it would be called tricameral.

Is Floridas legislature bicameral or unicameral?

Florida is a Bicameral Legislature

Why do you have bicameral legislature?

Because we have bicameral minds

Is Alaska a unicameral legislature or bicameral?


What document established the three branches of government and the bicameral legislature?

U.S Constitution

A two-house legislature is called?

Generally speaking, a legislative body comprise of two legislative chambers or houses is referred to as being bicameral in nature. Specifically, the bicameral legislative body within the United States of America is called Congress. The bicameral legislative body within the United Kingdom of Britain is called Parliment.

Under the US Constitution is the legeslative branch unicameralbicameral or tricameral?

False, it set up a bicameral legislature.

What kind of legislature has two house?


How does American legislature compare to England's legislature?

bicameral legislature