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Q: What are the three states with the largest number of US representatives?
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What three states has the largest amount of US representatives?

California, new York, Illinois

Is it true each states electoral college equal the number of representatives that state has in Congress?

The number of electoral votes that a state has is equal to the number of Representatives and Senators for that state. The total equals 435 for the house of Representatives and 100 for the Senate plus three for the District of Columbia.

Did the Three-fifths Compromise state that no more than three out of every five states could be slave states?

No. According to the Three-Fifths Compromise, every five slaves would be considered 3 persons for the allocation of Representatives in the House of Representatives. For most of the history of the United States up until the Civil War, the United States tried to strike a balance between the number of Slave States and Free States, not 3/5.

Nebraska has three representatives in Congress Oklahoma has six Hawaii has two in Ohio has me what is the total number of electoral votes for these four states?


What are the three largest Canadian states?

Canada does not have states. We have provinces and territories. The three largest in order are Quebec, British Columbia, Ontario.

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How many representative in California?

California has fifty three representatives in the United States House of Representatives. In addition to these, California has two senators.

Which of the three largest countries in north America has the largest population?

United States.

What is the largest three-digit number that is divisible by 17?

999 is the largest three-digit number that is divisible by 17. However, 986 is the largest three-digit number that is evenly divisible (no remainder) by 17. 986 / 17 = 58

How are they selected in the house of representatives?

The number of representatives each state gets is based on the population of that state; for example while Utah has three reps, New York has 29 reps. This just goes to show you that larger, more populous states have more representatives in the House of Representatives.

Is Florida one of the three largest states in the US?


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