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Civil and criminal law. I'm an 8th grader at Arthur F. Smith (2011-2012) And I learned this in Louisiana History. Civil Law: the relationship between/among indiviuals. Criminal Law: Protect society from wrongdoing of an individual.

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Civil laws and criminal laws

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Q: What are the two categories of state law?
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What two categories of law dealing with alcohol service?

Dram Shop and Common Negligence.

What two major categories does federal law divide medicines into?

prescription and over-the-counter

State two negative affects of putting people into social categories?


What two categories are used to classify particulate matter?

Source and state are just two of the categories used to classify particulate matter. So, source identifies the origin as human- or nature-made while state indicates configuration as a liquid or solid.

What are the 2 basic categories of law?

it is civil law and criminal law

What are the 2 categories of law?

the two main categories of Law are criminal and civil. Civil is dealing with things such as divorce and is tried in county court and the crown court civil division. Criminal Law is dealing with crimes from theft to murder and things which break the laws outline by whatever country you live in. These crimes are tried in magistrates and crown court. Both can appeal to the high court and the supreme court if allowed a route to appeal.

What are some categories of Tort law?

There are three categories of Tort Law, intentional, negligence, and absolute liability. What Tort law is wrongful injury of someones property or a person.

What is the best accredited law school online in the state of California?

The State Bar of California recognizes three different categories of law schools: ABA-accredited schools, state-accredited schools, and unaccredited schools. In most states, a degree from an ABA-accredited law school is a prerequisite for eligibility to take the bar examination,

Is it true the state law is superior to national law when the two conflict?

The Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution, as well as the 14th Amendment, state that federal law and regulation are superior to state law.

Can you define the areas of law in Australia?

The 'types' of law can be divided into two main categories: Public Laws and Private Laws.As the names suggest Public law concerns issues between the State and the individual, and Private Law concerns legal issues between individuals and groups.The major ones are listed below.Constitutional LawCriminal LawFamily LawBusiness LawTax LawIndustrial lawProperty LawTort LawContract Law

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