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Federal and State

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Q: What are the two governments that Constitution provides for the?
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The constitution provides for a two house?


The Constitution requires that state governments?

reflect the two party system

How do federal state and local governments determine what kinds of laws each can enact?

The US Constitution provides this in the 10th amendment.

What article provides for amending the constitution?

Article 5: Amending the Constitution Two Thirds of both houses

What are two ways in which the us constitution and the state constitution are similar?

There various ways that the US Constitution and state constitutions are similar. The two main ways are the fact that they both define governments and allow for amendments.

Article V of the Constitution How many methods of changing text of the constitution does it provide?

Article V provides two methods of amending the Constitution, one starting with Congress and the other starting with the states.

What two houses does the constitution provide for?

The constitution provides for two houses of Congress. These two houses are the Senate and the House of Representatives. The legislative branch is formed of the two houses of Congress.

Constitution states that these powers are federal governments?

The Constitution states that expressed powers are the federal governments.

What kind of legislature in the constitution provides for representation?

A bicameral,two-house,legislature.

The power to set suffrage requirements rests with?

The State governments under the Constitution.

How does the US Constitution play a part in today's governments around the world?

how does the us constitution play a part in today's governments around the world?

The constitution established a relationship between national and state governments This relationship is called?

The constitution established a relationship between the state and national governments in the preamble of the constitution. The relationship is called new federalism.