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interstate highway as u.. highway

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Q: What are the two highways that run in a north-south direction through Montana?
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Was Great Falls Montana established in 1805?

Not exactly... Great Falls -- named for an unnavigable falls in the Missouri River -- was a Native American settlement that was visited by the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1805, in the outbound portion of their journey. The party passed through Great Falls again in the opposite direction in 1806. What we know as Great Falls today was founded in 1883. Founders included Paris Gibson, Silas Beachley, James J. Hill, and Charles Arthur Broadwater.

What are many federal programs funded through?

A grant-in-aid provides funds from one level of government to another level of government to be used for specific purposes. Such funds are usually accompanied by requirements and standards set by the governing body for how they are to be spent. An example of this is the Federal Government requiring states to raise the drinking age in order to continue to qualify for federal funds for interstate highways.

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The executive branch has expanded its powers through federal bureaucracies.

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What are two interstate highways that mostly run in an east west direction through Montana?

I-90 and I-94 are east-west interstate highways in Montana.

What are the two interstate highways that run mostly in a east and west direction through Montana?

The answer is Interstate highway an U.S.highway

What are 2 interstate highways that run east-west through Montana?

I-90 and I-94 are east-west interstate highways in Montana.

What 2 highways run east and west through Montana?

I-90 and I-94 are east-west interstate highways in Montana.

What are the routes for GMC commercial trucks that run through Montana?

"There are several popular trucking routes that run through the state of Montana. The most well known ones are I-94, I-90, and I-15. US Highways 287, 89, and 212 are also popular."

How many highways in California?

There are many highways throughout California. Interstate 5 and 80 are the major highways in the state. Both highways run through the capital of Sacramento.

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The blood vessels can be thought of as highways your blood uses to move through.

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What are the highways of the body through which blood flows?


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What interstate highways pass through Jacksonville NC?

Two highways pass through Jacksonville, North Carolina: Highway 24 and Highway 17. Together, Highways 17 and 24 collectively make up the KIA/MIA/POW Highway.