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ummm i think it is the way they dress hoe they look and what there house looks like

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the economy and region

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Q: What are three factors used to identify a cultural region?
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What three factors help identify a culture region?

Topography, climate, and vegetation can help identify a culture region by influencing the way people interact with their environment and develop distinct customs, beliefs, and practices. Additionally, language, religion, and social organization within a specific geographic area contribute to defining a culture region. Geopolitical boundaries and historical connections may also play a role in demarcating cultural regions.

What are three factors that might contribute to atypical development?

Identify and discuss three factors that might contribute to atypical development

Which three factors act to shape and sometimes distort perception?

There are far more than three factors that may do so. You need to identify the particular circumstances.

What are three factors that can help identify ethnic foods?

Three factors that can help identify ethnic foods are the use of specific cooking techniques, the use of unique spices and ingredients, and adherence to traditional recipes or cooking methods passed down through generations within a specific cultural group.

What factors from the basis for dividing the pacific islands into three sub regions?

The division of the Pacific Islands into three subregions is based on geographic factors such as proximity, cultural distinctions, and colonial histories. The three subregions are Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia, each encompassing distinct groups of islands with unique languages, traditions, and customs. This division helps to better understand the diversity and complexity of the Pacific region.

Is their an simple explanation for regionalism?

Regionalism is a concept where there is a strong focus on and preference for your own region or local area, often at the expense of other regions. This can manifest in cultural, economic, or political aspects, where people identify strongly with their region and may prioritize its interests over national interests.

Identify the three factors that can determine?

It will be impossible to answer this question accurately without knowing what the questioner wants to determine.

Identify three demands determinants of tourist generating region. Discuss your answers with possible examples?

h kh klhk

Why do geographers study the US and Canada separately from Mexico even though they are all in North America?

Because (incorrectly) they studied the three countries in cultural terms, not geographic ones.Canada and the United States are part of the cultural region known as Anglo America, while Mexico and the rest of the Americas belong to a cultural region known as Latin America.

What are 3 factors to cultural diffusion?

Trade routes, migration patterns, and communication technologies are three factors that contribute to cultural diffusion by facilitating the exchange and spread of ideas, beliefs, and practices among different societies.

What culture region includes part of three continents?

The Mediterranean culture region includes parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa. This region is known for its rich history, diverse cuisine, and unique blend of cultural influences from different continents.

What are the Republics of the Caucasus region?

The three republics of the South Caucasus region are Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. These countries gained independence after the collapse of the Soviet Union and have unique cultural, historical, and political backgrounds.