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cities, government, religion.

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cities government and religion

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Q: What are three of the six institutions or customs that people can share in a distinct culture?
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how has the development of mass media influenced the American culture?

Mass media has had a tremendous impact on American culture. - Mass media unified the countries culture, now, a person in California can see the same shows and people as a person in New York or Texas. -It has eroded local culture- with the rise of mass media and an overall pop culture, some people began to lose interest in the local customs and traditions of their region. - It has eroded faith in the government and established institutions- Before, people's opinions of the government had been largely based on what the government and the people around them were telling them. Now every time the government gets caught in a scandal it is quickly broadcasted to every person in America. - It has displaced traditional forms of entertainment- Now Americans often go see a movie or watch tv instead of going to see a play.

How are culture and society interrelated?

Culture influences the people in the society and society follows culture.

What 3 things do people in a culture region share?

Clothing,language,music,food these are things that people in a culture share

How are local cultures sustained?

assimilation is how other cultures dress, talks or their traits. custom is a practice that a group of people routinely follows, customs change in a small way over a small period of time. cultural appropriation is when another culture uses other cultures customs and knowledge to use it for there own benefits.HOPE THIS HELPS YOU!!!PLEASE HELP ANSWER QUESTIONS ON ANSWER.COM (you don't have to have an account) :) i don't have one either

What is colonial legacy?

A country's colonial legacy is the buildings, infrastructure, customs, language, and institutions carried forward from its colonial period into its postcolonial period. For example, the fact that most people in Mali speak French as a second language is part of their colonial legacy.

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What are some Mulatto customs?

People of mixed white and black ancestry are not a distinct culture. The notion that certain races of people all have the same customs is incorrect and shockingly ignorant.

What is a distinct culture?

A distinct culture refers to a group of people who share common beliefs, customs, traditions, and practices that set them apart from other groups. It is a unique way of life that is passed down through generations and shapes the identity of individuals within that culture.

Who needs modern political institutions when there is culture?

Culture, understood as informal rules between people, needs formal political institutions because informal rules and understanding can be difficult to enforce, especially over large groups of distinct people in varying places. Political institutions specialise, stream-line, and enforce rules about the distribution of power in society.

The beliefs and customs of a people?


What is isolated culture?

Isolated culture refers to a culture or group of people who have limited contact with the outside world, often resulting in unique customs, traditions, and beliefs that are distinct from mainstream society. This isolation can be geographic, social, or due to intentional seclusion.

Way of life based on shared beliefs and customs?

Culture is the way of life for people who share similar beliefs and customs.

What are Portugal's customs and culture?

killing people...

Why are gypsies different?

Gypsies, also known as the Romani people, have a distinct culture and history that sets them apart. They have traditionally been a nomadic group, with their own language and customs. Discrimination and marginalization have also played a role in shaping their distinct identity.

What is form of human culture where people live in cities?

Urban culture is the form of human culture where people live in cities. This culture is characterized by a higher population density, increased access to amenities and resources, and a more diverse and cosmopolitan social environment. Urban culture often leads to the development of unique customs, traditions, and lifestyles that are distinct from rural areas.

The technology customs believes and art of people?


The technology customs beliefs and art of a people?


What is the technology customs beliefs and art of a group of people?