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Quite a lot of presidents have been elected directkly or indirectly because of war, but the obvious cases are Washington, Grant and Eisenhower.

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Q: What are three presidents that were elected because of war?
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Was Robert tod Lincoln in politics?

Robert Todd Lincoln did not hold elected office. But he was in politics, serving as Secretary of War for US Presidents Garfield and US Ambassador to England under President Harrison . Because he was closely present at the time three US Presidents were assassinated, he vowed never to seek elected office thereafter.

How many us presidents have been reelected when war or extended military engagements have been in process?

Three US president were re-elected while a war was going on- Lincoln ( Civil War), Wilson (W W I ) and Franklin Roosevelt ( W W II ).

What are the three main US Presidents that were involved in the Vietnam War?

Kennedy - Johnson - Nixon .

Who were the three weak presidents that had much to do with bringing about the Civil War?

Taylor, Pierce, Buchanan.

Is Obama the second or third Democrat since World War 2 to be elected to a second term?

Neither since World War 2, there has been 5 Democratic US Presidents.

Can a president be elected during war time?

Yes there is no wartime exception or restrictions in the Constitution for holding presidential elections. With that said, no sitting president who has run for reelection during a war has failed to be reelected.

How many American presidents involved with the Vietnam War?

i believe three Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon

Who were the first 3 democratic presidents?

The answer depends on what you mean by "democratic " presidents. If you start with Jackson, the first three democratic presidents were Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren and James K. Polk. However, the Democratic Party split right before the Civil War and after the war was reformed . The first three presidents from this new version of the party were Grover Cleveland, Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt.

How many democratic presidents have there been and how many republican presidents have there been?

There were 5 Jacksonian Democratic presidents before the Civil War. There have been 9 modern Democrats since the Civil War. (The Democratic Party split over slavery in 1860 . After the Civil War ended a new Democratic Party emerged in opposition to the Republicans. ) Some people add the 5 and 9 to get 14 Democratic presidents. There was one president, George Washington, before parties came into being. There was one Federalistm John Adams, There are 4 Whig presidents. There are 4 Democratic-Republican (Jeffersonian) presidents. John Quincy Adams had ties with the residue of the old Federalist party and later was a leader in the Whig party. He did not really belong to a national party when hew was elected. There were 18 Republican presidents , counting Andrew Johnson, who ran as a Republican with Lincoln but had been a Democratic Senator and joined to the reformed Democratic party after he was President. Summary: 18 Republican, 13 Democrat, 4 Whig, 4 Democratic Republican, 2 unaffiliated, and one National Union Party (Andrew Johnson).

Who was the president in the Persian war?

Wake up. There is no' president' of a war. Wars don't have presidents. And there were no presidents in Greece or Persia. The Persian War lasted 50 years and in that time the Persian Empire was ruled by three kings - Darius I, Xerxes I amd Artaxerxes I. The 200 independent Greek city-states which combined to oppose the Persians each had their own system of elected governments headed by magistrates and with polemarchs (military leaders), none had a president, but rather magistrates except Sparta which had dual kings who were their war leaders.

Who were the presidents after World War 2?

they were hiding because if they seen they'd probably be killed.

Did people from Ohio fight in the civil war?

Yes, many of the them fought in the union army- future Presidents Garfield, Hayes and McKinley all served with distinction and their war record helped their chances of being elected president.