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Health Services

Safety service's

Security services

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Q: What are three services that government provide for us?
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What services do the US government provide for its people?

All those services which are provided by a good government of any country to its people .

What services do your government provide us?

Which government/country. Please make your questions precise if you want us to be able to answer them.

What is an important purpose of the US government?

To provide the services, protection, and for the common good of the people.

What 3 services did the government provide us this past week?

Which government/country. Please make your questions precise if you want us to be able to answer them.

What does a local government do?

Local Government Does many things they provide services collect taxes to provide those services they make bylaws and give us a voice to speak our minds if we have an issue or problem! thx darling lollipop914 >: )

What three ways does the government affect production of goods and services in the us economy?

Puchases, Taxes, and Subsides

When did the 3 branches of government start?

The three branches of government were written into the US Constitution. The founding fathers created the three branches so that they could provide checks and balances on one another.

What is the main job of the executive office of the president?

The president runs the executive branch of the US government. This branch carries out and enforces the laws and includes all the government agencies that provide all the many the government services.

What does the RACES group of the US represent?

The Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) was founded by the US government in 1952. It is a network of amateur radio operators that agree to provide their services in case of emergency. This can allow for faster communication than would be possible through existing government services.

What services do Brown and Caldwell provide?

The company called Brown and Caldwell provide environmental solutions to businesses, Government agency's, and private industry all over the US. Brown and Caldwell was founded in 1947.

How does provincial government help people?

the government helps us by providing services

Why did the US separate the government into three branches?

To provide for a separation of powers, that instituted a check and balance ability, preventing any one of the branches from taking control of the government.

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