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Q: What are three things the President promises to do regarding the constitution?
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What are the three things presidents promises to do regarding the constitution?


What are two promises contained in the Preamble?

There are no promises made in the Preamble to the Constitution. The Preamble is a list of things that the "We the People, of the United States of America" hope the Constitution will do to form the 'more perfect Union.'

What does article 2 of the constitution establish?

What the presidents job is, rules to become president, things a president can and can't do

From what two things does the Constitution promise to protect each state?

The U.S. Constitution promises to protect the states from Invasion and Domestic Violence. This is established in Article IV, Section 4, Clause 2.

Why does a president not have the power to add things to the US Constitution?

It the US president had power to add things to the US constitution, then they could indefinitely extend their power, making them a dictator. The constitution limited the president's power to prevent such a situation from occurring, knowing too well the dangers of unchecked power in one man's hands.

Who is the adviser of the president constitutionally?

To my knowledge, the U-S Constitution does not mention anything about an advisor to the President. It merely lays out the President's powers and responsibilities. How the President achieves those things is up to him or her.

Do mothers always keep there promises?

Most mothers do keep their promises but sometimes things happen that they can't.

Will Obama keep ALL his promises?

No matter how good the intentions of the president are (and this applies to all presidents), what they say they want to do and what they are actually able to do are two very different things. When campaigning, candidate Obama made a number of promises (as all candidates do), but once he gets to Washington, he has to work with congress, and if history is any guide, many of his priorities will not get passed, or will be watered down. Thus, it is unlikely President Obama will keep all of his campaign promises.

How does a foreigner become vice president of the US?

That is probably not going to happen. There would be a crisis if the president is not able to continue his/her term; the Constitution says the VP takes over the president's duties, but the Constitution also requires that the president be a natural born citizen. Some things would have to change before this could happen, probably in the form of some amendments.

Why the president does not fulfill his campaign promises?

While you are asking this about President Obama, you could also ask it about every other candidate for president: throughout history, presidential candidates have made big promises to their supporters. In some cases, the promises were sincere, and the candidate genuinely hoped to achieve them once he was elected. But at other times, it seems some candidates wanted so badly to be elected that they said what they knew voters wanted to hear, whether their promises were realistic, or whether they were impossible to keep. I am sure Mr. Obama intended to do much of what he promised, but there are many factors that keep a president from turning promises into policy. If congress refuses to cooperate, for example, or if public opinion is against a certain policy, the president's promises may remain impossible to achieve.Based on what I know about Mr. Obama, I believe he came to Washington convinced that he would be able to win congress over, and determined to move his priorities forward. He did not expect total obstruction from the Republicans in congress, and many of his priorities were stalled as a result. His supporters would say he still managed to achieve quite a lot, whereas his detractors would say he lied to the American public or his leadership was ineffective. In either case, the truth is that no president gets everything he wants, and no president is able to keep every promise he made out on the campaign trail.

Is the President of the US required to defend laws of the united States?

yes Among other things, the U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section 3 requires that the President "... take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed...".

What are 10 positive things George Washington did for the US?

he was the best he was the first president of the united states and he had the idea of the constitution and he had a wife he lived in Philadelphia and he won a battle he was the best president i rate him an A+ you should be prud of him lol