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treated differently treated the same

1- taxes 1- people

2- laws 2- rights

3- podlments 3- congrneement

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Q: What are three ways states treat non residents differently?
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What do you do when you and your friends r bi?

don't treat them differently

What is the maximum sentence for a burglary to an unoccupied conveyance?

(in the US) Unable to answer because the laws of the various states treat this offense differently.

Is motor insurance required for mopeds and scooters?

Motor insurance requirements for mopeds and scooters vary from state to state. Some states exempt them from registration, insurance and needing a license. Other states however require all three. Further, some states treat mopeds differently than scooters.

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does society treat people with albinism diffrently

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one treat and three meals?

one treat and three meals

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Doing anything outside of what the majority of the society does makes people treat you differently and look at you differently.

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