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Usually they are fun facts, or short fun questions about a topic. You can find them all over the web, just search for your topic followed by fun facts or trivia.

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Q: What are trivia questions on history?
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Where to find trivia questions?

There are many online trivia sites like TriviaChamp that offer free trivia questions. Some sites allow one to answer either general trivia questions or categorized questions.

Trivia questions about me or you what would be a good trivia questions that you could ask your friends I am having this game at my Sweet 16 and I am so stumped on questions to ask HELP ME?

Go to related link and seek out trivia posts by goodselfme. You will have assorted trivia to have fun at your party.

Removed for violating a pet site's trivia rules.?

Do not ask for answers to Wajas trivia questions.

Who can Help with trivia questions?

everyone ehehhehhe

What has the author Laurel Winter written?

Laurel Winter has written: 'Minnesota Trivia (Trivia Fun) (Trivia Fun)' 'Minnesota trivia' -- subject(s): Miscellanea, Questions and answers

What is pawnography?

Its a new tv show on history channel where contestants answer trivia questions based on the show pawn stars. If they are succesful they win an item from the shop

What are good Twilight trivia questions for a party with the answer?

twilight is stupid

Is there a college degree in NFL history?

No, it is pointless trivia.

Where can one find some Christmas quiz questions?

Businessballs, Brownielocks, Xmas Fun, Christmas Trivia, Fun Trivia, Quiz Rocket, and You Think are all websites that one can visit to get Christmas quiz questions.

What are some good trivia questions about volunteering?

Good trivia questions about volunteering would ask not only about volunteering in general but will include specific questions about the volunteer work being done. If you are working in a soup kitchen, it would ask about the soup kitchen, etc.

What are the answers to todays GSN trivia questions?

what was the theme to last weeks secret words

What are some cool trivia questions for Argentina?

you need to make questions about, what are the ppl like, what do they wear, houses, climate, everything else