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he didn't make any accomplishmentsType your answer here...

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Q: What are two accomplishments that George Washington made?
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Two accomplishments of George Washington?

he was our president and he was one the one dollar bill

What were two of George Washington's important accomplishments?

he made peanut butter and developed 325 differnt uses for nuts and vegetables such as sweet potatos

What was the two presidents names that served the two terms George Washington served?

george washington

What did George Washington's accomplishments while he was presisent?

helped design the White House.picked the U.S. capital.set the tradition of stepping down after two terms.helped fix America's economy.

Who was born first of the two presidents George Washington or Abraham Lincoln?

George Washington.

What are two things named after George Washington besides Washington D.C.?

The Washington Monument in Washington DC The state of Washington

Who is more famous George Washington or Usain Bolt?

George Washington is the better known of these two.

Two things that are nemed after George Washington?

Washington, DC and the Washington Monument

Who was the second president in office?

George Washington George Washington was the first ELECTED for office, but there was a time period of two weeks where George Washington had to get to office, and he had a replacement for those two weeks. didn't know that DID YOU!

When was George Washington presitent?

George Washington was Presidentr of the US for two terms' 1789-1793 and 1793 to 1797

Was George Washington married?

Yes, George Washington was married to Martha Dandridge Custis, a widow with two children.

Which presidents are named George?

There are three - George Washington, George Herbert Walker Bush and George Walker Bush.