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power to override presidental veto.

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Q: What are two enumerated powers Checks and Balances has over the president?
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Whose powers is limited by the system of checks and balances?

the president's powers are limited

The framers believed that would be weakened if congress was responsible for choosing the president?

Separation of powers and the system of checks and balances

What are the powers that congress has in order to check the president?

checks and balances

How is the president powers limited by the other branches of government?

"Seperation of Powers" and checks & balances

What limit exists on the powers President of the US?

Checks and Balances of the three branches of the government.

How is the President's power limited by the other branches of government?

"Seperation of Powers" and checks & balances

The executive powers given to congress by the constitution serve as checks balances between the senate and?

The president

What was designed to ensure that the president would not gain dictatoral powers over government?

The US constitution is designed to precisely limit the powers of the President as well as the powers of the other branches of government. The system of checks and balances prevents one group from seizing all the power. The fact that the president must stand for election after four years keeps him in check.

How are the presidents legislative powers important to the checks and balances?

The president doesn't have legislative powers congress does. That is their job. The president can veto a bill, sign it, or do a pocket veto.

What definition is The power of one branch can limited by the powers of another branch?

IT can solve everything that is unlimited of the goverment of checks and balances

What is name of the system that maintains separation of powers among the branches of the federal government?

The Checks and Balances system maintains the separation of powers.

What are duties of congress?

enumerated powers , in pliec powers and commerce cluse , checks and balences