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In the related link, it lists municipalities by population. There is a series of six tables that lists 397 cities by name and size. That should include every city you ever heard of, and more.

See the related link.

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Barcelona, Madrid, Seville
Madrid, Barcelona

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Q: What are two large cities in Spain?
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What two large cities in Spain?


What is two large cities Spain?

The largest are Madrid and Barcelona

What are the three large cities in Spain called?

The 3 largest cities in Spain, from large to smaller, are the capital Madrid, Barcelona which may be the cultural center of Spain, and Valencia.

What are some other large cities in Spain?

All the major cities are capitals of one sort or another.

Which are the two autonomous cities of Spain?

Madrid Barcelona

Two specific Spanish places or cities?

Madrid and Barcelona are the largest cities in Spain.

What cities in Frances are closest to Barcelona?

Toulouse, Carcassonne, Perpignan, Narbonne are the French large cities closest to Barcelona, Spain.

What are the two colonies of Spain that are found in Morocco?

The two colonies (considered autonomous cities) of Spain in Morocco are Ceuta and Melilla.

Can you name 3 large cities other than Madrid in Spain?

Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla

What are the 2 largest cities in france?

The two large cities are Paris and Marseille.

What two cities in Mexico are large industrial cities?

Two of them would include Monterrey and Mexico City.

What are the two biggest cities in Spain - Madrid?

Madrid is the largest and Barcelona is second.