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A stylus. Styluses were used through the Middle Ages and can be made of reed, ceramic, or metal. The earliest styluses were used by the ancient Mesopotamians.

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It is called a Stylus, they used it long ago . Originally from Mesopotamia :b

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cunieform script

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Q: What are wedge shaped writing made with reeds on clay tablets?
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Where did writing develop?

Once men found that they could make marks to signify syllables and sounds, there was no longer a need to draw pictures. By 3000 BC, the Sumerians, the Hittites, the Babylonians, and the Assyrians developed cuneiform writing, a system of wedge-shaped marks impressed in clay that was able to completely express the various languages. By 1700 BC, the Minoan Empire had developed and actual script. The wedge shaped figures disappeared, and people began to write in flowing curves. But it still represented only items and ideas and, at the best, a few syllables. An alphabet was needed. It arrived a thousand years after the onset of the Minoan script, and it began a whole new era. The ancient Romans gave us most of our modern languages. Their language was Latin, the basis for most of the Western tongues. The actual shapes of the letters we use in print today are descended from the shapes of the early Roman letters. Then, writing came to another stand still. The alphabet had been formalized, standard shapes for all the letters had been adopted, and that was it. Learning to read was a luxury because it was so difficult to obtain reading material. A new invention was needed - a way to make many copies easily and cheaply. The date was 1440 and it marked man's first use of movable type.

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The real problem is that we tend to turn towards collectives to right the wrongs we are faced with, but in a purely legal sense black people will not be truly free in this country until they formally and as a matter of public record assert their rights instead of assuming that the Constitution protects their rights. It sadly, does not, and remains the greatest tragedy of our not yet great country today.

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What did sumerians use to write with on cuneiform?

Sumerians used reeds to write on clay tablets when they created cuneiform script. The reeds were shaped into a triangular point, which they pressed into wet clay to form the wedge-shaped characters of cuneiform.

What were the stylus's made of for cuneiform writing?

Cuneiform styluses were typically made of reeds or wood. These materials were used to make wedge-shaped impressions on clay tablets to create the cuneiform script.

Why is the Sumerian writing called cuneiform?

The term "cuneiform" comes from the Latin words "cuneus" (wedge) and "forma" (shape), describing the wedge-shaped characters used in Sumerian writing. These characters were impressed into clay tablets using a stylus, creating a distinctive wedge-shaped impression.

What was the of name of the wedge-shaped writing form developed by the summerians?

it's called stylus and made for writing in their stone tablets

What is cuneiform and why is it wedge shaped?

Cuneiform is an ancient writing system that was used in Mesopotamia. It is wedge-shaped because it was originally impressed into clay tablets using a reed stylus, which created wedge-shaped marks. This writing system was developed by the Sumerians around 3000 BCE and was later adopted by other civilizations in the region.

What is wedge shape writing?

Wedge-shaped writing, also known as cuneiform, is a system of writing used in ancient Mesopotamia. It involves using a wedge-shaped stylus to create impressions on clay tablets to represent words and sounds. Cuneiform was one of the earliest forms of writing and was used by civilizations such as the Sumerians, Babylonians, and Assyrians.

Why Sumerians writing is calle cuneiform?

The ancient Sumerian writing system is known as "cuneiform" from the Latin cuneus ("wedge "), because the symbols are wedge-shaped, and marked into clay tablets with a stylus. The characters of cuneiform writing were originally pictorial, but because of the method of writing, they evolved into collections of wedge-shaped marks with little visual indication to their origins.

What wedge-shaped writing system did sumerians develope?

the wedge shaped writing system is called cuneiform.

What is the name of the wedge shaped writing form?

Cuneform is the name of the Sumerian wedge-shaped form of writing

What is wedge shaped marketing on clay tablets?


How did Egyptian writing different from Sumerian writing?

Sumerian is the oldest known written language in human history. The writing was called cuneiform after the wedge shaped writing instrument. The pictograms were etched onto clay tablets and fired in kilns to make the writing endure. It was replaced by the Aramaic around 900BC. The Egyptians developed hieroglyphics, and they wrote on papyrus made from reeds. Papyrus was cheaper and easier to produce and keep than the clay tablets.

What wedge shaped writing system did sumerians develope?

the wedge shaped writing system is called cuneiform.