What are woghiren?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Ima of Benin kingdom is Chief Edwin O Woghiren, an illustrious Son and Heir to Chief Egbe O. Woghiren who is direct Son / descendant of Chief Eko-khenomwonghe Woghiren (The first 'Obamedo' of Benin Kingdom) from whom the Name "Woghiren" originated. The Word "Woghiren" is also a name used by an indigenous Bini (Edo) people in ancient Benin Kingdom located in present day southern Nigeria. The word "Woghiren" itself literally means: "He-who-knows"; - i.e; "Wo-ghi-ren" respectively. Woghiren is also a famous 'Edo' or 'Bini' Family / Clan Name associated with respect, honor and nobility. Chief Eko-khenomwonghe Woghiren was a prominent and highly respected Chief of the 'Edo' (Benin / Bini) People and was a famous Native-Physician to the 'Oba' (King) in Benin Kingdom. Among many, was one of his direct offspring Late Chief Egbe O. Woghiren, who himself was also a Bini titled Chief (the "Agbomoba" of Benin Kingdom), whose Son and heir is Chief Edwin O Woghiren, who is also a titled Chief known as the Ima of Benin Kingdom. He is one of the so called "Eghaevbo-Nore Chiefs" who are the top, elite, prestigious and most Powerful Chiefs in Benin Kingdom in Nigeria. Chief Ima is indeed among the top leadership of the Ehaevbo-Nore Chiefs itself. Chief Edwin O Woghiren (Ima) is also associated with; an academic institution and a non profit organization located in Canada.

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Q: What are woghiren?
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Who is the current Chief Ima of Benin Kingdom?

Ima of Benin kingdom is Chief Edwin O. Woghiren. Chief Woghiren is also a fellow with EWEF educational Foundation in Canada.

What does EWEF stands for?

The Word EWEF is a website and also an acronym for Edwin Woghiren Educational Foundation; a non profit and an Educational Charitable organization located in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. It is as well an acronym which stands for: Egbe Woghiren Educational Foundation also in Hamilton and a sister charity to the former that sponsors youths for skilled trade and offers full scholarship for the training.EWEF - (Egbe Woghiren Educational foundation) is a Registered Charity and Non-Profit Organization located in Hamilton, Ontario. A World Class NGO training poor Youths on technical trades in locals that need the skills to survive! EWEF Mission is eradicating poverty & human suffering in impoverished nations and communities around the world laden with communicable diseases, hunger and mass starvation resulting in needless deaths, social woes, joblessness and helplessness from lack of skilled-trade workers for Self-Help, Self reliance & Self Sustenance; EWEF 3S! EWEF rebuild Lives and provide Skilled-Trade training to youths in impoverished communities to fix and maintain the Infrastructure Amenities causing their sufferings. ... "EWEF is replacing state of self hopelessness and helplessness with the EWEF 3S -"Self-Help", "Self-Reliance" and "Self Sustenance", EWEF Service is 'teach to fish, NOT give Fish' and we practice 'Give a Hand-Up, NOT a Hand-out'! …Edwin O. Woghiren (EWEF Founder).