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Zac efrons mom and dads names are Agatha and Henry

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starla n henry baby

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Q: What are zac efrons mom and dads names?
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Did zac efrons mom die?

She did not die, no.

What was zac efrons dads job?

He is an engineer at a nuclear power plant in California.

What is zac efrons dads name?

David Efron and was born in 1960.

What is zac erfons horiscope?

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What is zac efrons career?

he is a actor

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What are the names of zac efrons siblings?

Zac Efron has one sibling, a younger brother called Dave Efron.

Does zac efrons want a girlfriend?

Only Zac Efron can answer that question.

Does Drake Bell have the same email as Zac?

no it is not the same as zac efrons

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