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Hamilton argues that by limiting how many time someone can be elected President the Untied States would lack the wisdom of his butt they had put a third one.

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Q: What argument does Hamilton give against limiting the number of times a person may be elected president?
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Was Alexander Hamilton against the president serving a long term?

yes he was

What was an argument of president John Adams against Texas statehood?

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What was an argument of president john Quincy Adams's against Texas statehood?

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When did Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton run for presidant?

Jefferson ran in 1796, but lost to John Adams. He ran again and won against Adams in 1800. Hamilton never ran for president. Hamilton was not born in the US, and was not eligible to be President.

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What is a feeble executive?

Federalist No. 70. A president who doesn't have "energy" or doesn't do much. Hamilton warned us against them.

Who is known for his duel with Alexander Hamilton and vice president under Thomas Jefferson?

Aaron Burr is known for his duel against Alexander Hamilton during Thomas Jefferson's presidency.

Why couldn't Alexander hamliton have never been elected president?

Alexander Hamilton was the Treasurer lost a duel against vice president Burr, so he was deceased

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What did aaron burr do that brought treason charges against him?

he (a Republican who was willing to desert Jefferson and join the Federalists) was accused of treason because he killed Hamilton (leader of the Federalists) they ran against each other in running for governor of New York and Hamilton won (he ran against Burr because he felt that Burr was unfit for the job) Burr was angered and challenged Hamilton to a duel and Hamilton died the next day (Burr shot Hamilton)

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