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The House of Representatives chose the president in early 1825, since no one got a majority of the electoral votes. Henry Clay had won three states: Kentucky, Missouri and Ohio which placed him 4th and removed him from consideration as president. He was speaker of the House and so was influential there. His views seemed closer to Jackson's than to Adams', but his three states all voted for Adams. After Adams won and appointed Clay as his secretary of state, jackson supporters believed that Clay had made a deal, making Adams president in exchange for his becoming secretary of state. In those days, secretary of state was considered to be a stepping stone to the presidency and Clay clearly wanted very much to be president.

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Q: What argument was used to support the accusation of a corrupt bargain between John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay?
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Who benefited from accusation of a corrupt bargain?

Andrew Jackson who was the enemiey of John Quincy Adams would have benefited from the accusations of the corrupt bargain

What was the accusation made against John Q Adams and Clay?

"corrupt bargain" that Adams would be given the presidency in return for making Clay secretary.

What was the corrupt bargain between Henery Clay and John Quincy Adams?


Which president was victom of the corrupt bargain?

The president who was involved in the Corrupt Bargain was John Quincy Adams, who was elected in 1824. The Corrupt Bargain refers to an alleged deal between Adams and Henry Clay to secure Adams' victory in the House of Representatives after no candidate received a majority in the electoral college.

What was the name given to an alleged deal between clay and Adams in the 1824 election?

Is it "Corrupt Bargain"? Right?

Contemptuous Jacksonian term for the alleged political deal by which Clay threw his support to Adams in exchange for a high cabinet office?

corrupt bargain corrupt bargain

Supporters of which candidate believe that he lost election of 1824 because of a corrupt bargain?

Andrew Jackson's supporters were furious when he did not win the 1824 election and said that it was a corrupt bargain

What happened in the election of 1824 that earned it that nickname?

Corrupt Bargain

Why did the jacksonian charge of a corrupt bargain to john Adams the presidency arise?

The Jacksonians accused John Quincy Adams of striking a "corrupt bargain" with Henry Clay during the 1824 election, where Clay allegedly supported Adams in exchange for the position of Secretary of State. Jackson and his supporters claimed this backroom deal deprived him of the presidency, despite winning the popular vote. This accusation fueled Jackson's political attacks against Adams and contributed to the deepening divide between the Democratic-Republicans and the National Republicans.

What did Jackson consider the Corrupt Bargain?

Andrew Jackson considered the Corrupt Bargain to be a deal between Henry Clay and John Quincy Adams during the 1824 election, where Clay allegedly supported Adams in exchange for becoming the Secretary of State. Jackson believed the election was stolen from him and that political favors influenced the outcome.

Who named Henry Clay secretary of state under the corrupt bargain?

It was never proved to be a bargain, and John Quincy Adams selected him.

Is it true that Henry Clay disproved the charge of a corrupt bargain between himself and President Adams by refusing to accept any favors from the new administration?