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Article One of the United States Constitution ; see related link to additional information .

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Article 3

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Q: What article tells how the legislative branch works?
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What does the constitution describe?

The Article 3 of the Constitution describes the powers and limitations of the Judicial Branch.

Is the IRS government a legit branch?

No, the IRS government is not a legit branch. The IRS works for a branch of the government but it does not have its own branch. The IRS works for the executive branch.

What are the three parts of the government of the US?

If you mean branches, they are the Legislative, Judicial and Executive Branches, which correspond to the Congress, Supreme Court and the President, respectively. The Legislative Branch is collectively called Congress, which is a bicameral branch separated into the House and the Senate. They are responsible for proposing laws. The head of the Judicial branch is the Supreme Court. Headed by 9 Supreme Justices, they are responsible for judging important cases, yet even more important, they are the leading authority on interpreting the Constitution and making sure passed laws are constitutional. The final branch is headed by the President of the United States. He may veto laws, (though this can be overturned by majority vote), pardon criminals, and utilize a number of other executive powers under the supervision of the two other branches. He or she is also responsible for international affairs and maintaining the general welfare of the nation. The system of checks and balances which exists among the three branches ensures, (at least in theory), that one branch does not become too powerful (a reference to times of anti-monarchy, when the documents were written). This system is not perfect, though works (in theory) well enough.

How does the Judicial Branch work?

I think that the Judicial Branch works within the government. I also think that the Judicial branch help all of the courts

Who serves in the Judicial Branch of US government?

Members of the Judicial Branch work in federal courthouses across the United States and its territories. The Supreme Court of the United States, head of the Judicial Branch, is housed in the Supreme Court Building in Washington, DC.

Related questions

What article of the constitution tells how the legilative branch works?

Article one

Where is the building where the Legislative branch works?

The Legislative branch works in the United States Capitolbuilding, in Washington, DC.

Who works in the legisctive branch?

The legislative branch consists of senators and members of the house of representatives. The legislative branch also consists of interns and support stuff.

Who works at legislative?

THe members of legislative branch consist of all our elected representatives and their staffs..

Who works for the legislative branch?

The legislative branch is one of the three branches of the U.S. Government. There are two groups in that branch, Senators and House of Representatives. They write laws.

Where do the branches work?

The legislative branch works at the House of Representatives and the Senate. This is a branch of government which makes laws.

Where does the legislative branch operate?

The legislative branch, or Congress, makes the laws. It has the power to make laws or not recommended by the President. The President has the power to veto the laws, unless Congress overrides the veto by a 2/3ds vote.and the legislative branch comes from people or voters!

Which branch of government does the President work in?

There are three branches. The legislative, executive, and judicial. The legislative consists of the house of representatives. The judicial consists of the supreme court. The president and his cabinet, works in the executive branch.

What branch of congress is congress?

Congress is part of the Legislative branch of government.

What are the branches of governent?

legislative branchexecutive branchjudicial branchthere is the judicial,legislative,and executive.

How is the legislative branch like basketball?

The legislative branch is like basketball because both involve teamwork and strategy. In basketball, each player has a specific role and contributes to the overall success of the team. Similarly, in the legislative branch, each member has a specific role and works together to create and pass laws that benefit the country. Both basketball and the legislative branch also require effective communication and cooperation among the participants.

What Russia legislative body works for Putin?

Well similar to America all legislative bodies work for the Chief of the executive branch so in russia's government it would be the Senate and the state Duma