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whata argument for the right to vote for women did the suffaragist make

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Q: What arugument for the right to vote for women did suffaragists make?
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What gains did women make in politics in the 1920's?

Women were granted the right to vote in the United States in 1920. Less conservative clothes for women, including short hair and short skirts, became popular in the 1920s.

How did women influence politics in the 1920's?

Women influenced politics in the 1920s by the following ways: (1) Lobbying - they lobbied state legislatures by rallies, marches, protests and civil disobedience, (2) National Campaings - posters such as "Rosie the Riveteer," (3) they pushed their views and were very proactive to make changes (for example: Women's Suffrage Movement: Women had to go out and actively change their situation), (4) Increase Public Awareness, (5) Awareness of Occupational Segregation, (6) Change National Vocabulary to make certain descriptions more appealing. Timeline: 1900-1920: Women's Suffrage Movement: It took about 70 years from the beginning of the Women's Movement to gain their right to vote. For example, 1849 was the First Women's Rights Convention in Seneca Falls, NY. 1920: Women's Right to Vote approved

What year were women allowed to work?

Women have always been able to work legally, just during certain time periods (mostly before the 1900's) women holding a job was looked down upon by society in all areas of the globe.

What group set out to make sure women knew how use to use their votes wisely?

League of Women VotersApex

How women used the political system in Australia to gain the right to vote?

"From 1884 when the first suffrage society was formed in Australia, until 1908 when the last state vote was granted, Women lobbied politicians, presented petitions, held public meetings and fought for their voices to be heard in newspapers. Along the way, the constitution, political circumstances and the social and economic position of women changed." This is from the blurb on the book that Audrey Oldfield about how women worked together to make it happen.

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According to this cartoon women suffragists argued that giving women the right to ...would make politics cleaner?


What demands did the women's rights reformers make in the 1840s?

the right to vote, the right to own property, the right to hold jobs, etc. Basically just rights that men had that women felt they should already have.

according to this cartoon women suffragists argued that giving women the right to_ would make politics cleaner?

Vote (apex)

Why were women used slaves?

Women SlavesWomen were used as slaves because women didn't have the right to say no because they had no rights at all. They were also used as breeders to make babies.

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What rights do Egyptian women have?

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What made Susan B Anthony famous?

Susan B. Anthony worked to make women have the right to vote. She played a pivotal role in the women's suffrage movement.