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Article V of the Constitution allows for amendments to the Constitution as a means to change it. Currently a total of 27 amendments have been approved, with the last one being in 1992 limiting congressional pay raises.

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Q: What aspect of the constitution offer a way for Americans to shape up their government when conditions change?
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Why is judicial review an important aspect of the U.S government?

It prevents the government from enforcing laws that violate the Constitution.

Which aspect of the constitution has made it a guide for the government of the US for over 200 years?

Its fundamental ideas

What does constitutive dimension mean?

Constitutive dimension means the aspect of power that is allotted by the constitution of a government.

What aspect of the constitution addressed concerns that resulted from the event in the headline?

The strengthening of the federal government's military powers

What is the most important law of the constitution?

Control over every aspect of government, its officials, and its creation - continuation - or destruction.

What are The most important aspect in the constitution are?

the three more important aspect of the Constitution are limitation of power, rights to citizens, and the ability to vote.

Why did Egypt rebell against their government?

People demand social and political reforms. They see that corruption has been imbeded in every aspect of life and conditions are not good.

Why is the Bill of Rights so precious to Americans?

Americans show an appropriate appreciation of freedom - the idea that the government is not empowered to control every aspect of the individual's life. The Bill of Rights and subsequent amendments are the legal codification of that freedom.

Which aspect of US government is best illustrated in the cartoon description?

Which aspect of the US government is best lilustrated in the cartoon description

What aspect of lawmaking is a result of the unwritten Constitution?

There is no unwritten constitution, so no laws are made as a result of one.

What are political values influencing constitution?

The U.S. constitution is the last and final say in any number of situations and is generally thought of in tems of the amendments to it. The politicak influlences on it are based on whethre the political party in is liberal or conservative. The constitution is known as a limiting consitution. That means it restricts government from interferring in the lives of the citizens. The other type of constitution is a a granting constitution. It grants the people rights to do things. The United States does not have that kind. You could say that the constitution is conservative in the aspect that it limits governmenr as opposed to a liberal constitution that does not limit government but instead empowers people.

Why does the preamble to the Constitution begin with We the people?

Because the US government was set up to be run by the people through representatives, rather than as a dictatorship, so they wanted the wording of the constitution to reflect that.