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Frequent Elections

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Q: What aspects of the new state constitutions allowed people to keep a constant watch over the government?
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How do state constitution control the economy?

State constitutions control the economy because they decide how to raise and spend taxes, and that is how state constitutions control certain aspects of the economy.

Government dictates all aspects of production?


What are two aspects of the English government that Voltaire wanted to adopt in France?

Politics and government

The type of government that combines aspects of both unitary and confederal government is called?


What aspects of your life does the government control?

The government controls many aspects of the lives of it's citizens. For instance, government dictates the laws that people must abide by, and they regulate the amount of taxes that a person must pay.

Which aspects of government are controlled by the states?

There are hardly any aspects of government are that controlled by the states directly. There are certain functions that are delegated to the states through the federal government like healthcare, education, employment and development among others.

What is an academic study of government?

As a feild of study government explores many aspects of the human condition

A system in which the government controls all aspects of the economy is?


What aspects of Canada's government are similar to and different from the US government?

they all have wierd accents and bum obama

Which division of government controls most aspects of elections?

would depend on which level of government,,ocal_state,or federal.

Is an oligarchy a totalitarian government?

government that controls all aspects of life by a group of people

What is the religious aspects of agrarian reform?

The religious aspects of Agrarian Reform were Biblical background, Papal teachings, and Church estates. Agrarian reform is government-backed or government redistribution of agricultural land.