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how many money did molly pitcher get from Gorge Washigton

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like, $50

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Q: What award did George Washington give Molly Pitcher?
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What award did George Washington have created?

The Purple Heart.

Did George Washington Carver win a award?

yes, he won the Agricultural excellence award.

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He was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal

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George Washington, the man who created the award.

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George Washington, who founded the award.

Did George Washington Carver get any awards?

Yes, he won the Agricultural Excellence Award.

When did the first recipients of the Purple Heart Award receive the award?

The original purple heart was an award for heroism. It was given out by George Washington during the Revolutionary War.

George Washington Carver awards?

His awards were the Noble prize and Agriculture Excellence Award and much more

Who won the 1997 white house news photographer's association photographer of the year award?

George Washington

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The basic design was created by George Washington. He designed it as an award for heroism.

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Washington Award was created in 1916.

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The George Fenchl Award was created in 1969.