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about nothing, he was a good man, believed that men were able to govern themselves, and believed in an absolute democracy.

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Q: What bad things did john Locke do?
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What was John Locke's saying?

John Locke said and wrote many things.

Who believed that all men are born free and are basically good?

john Locke

Did John Locke think mankind was good or bad - and why?

John Locke believed that mankind was inherently good. He argued that individuals were born as a blank slate, or tabula rasa, with the capacity for reason and moral behavior. Locke believed that society and upbringing influenced human behavior more than innate tendencies towards evil.

What are the names of John Locke's parents?

John and Anne Locke.

What was John Locke's country?

John Locke was from England.

Which American founder base their new governments on the ideas of this enlightenment philosopher?

john Locke

Who was John Locke married to?

John Locke never married. Locke's father, who was also named John Locke, was a country lawyer.

What is John Locke concept about Tabula rasa?

john locke concept tabula rasa mean a child is born with blank mind - neither good or bad and it is called blank sheet.

What The English philosopher John Locke argued that life liberty and property are....?

Locke argued that these things, among others, were the "Natural Rights"

What did the English philosopher John Locke argue that life liberty and property are?

Locke argued that these things, among others, were the "Natural Rights"

Who believe that people had the right to remove a government that did not protect their rights?

john Locke

Which enlightenment thinker believed that governments should serve the people?

john Locke