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Yorktown in 1781

With the surrender at Yorktown, King George lost control of Parliament to the peace party, and there were no further major military activities in North America.

The British had 30,000 garrison troops occupying New York City, Charleston, and Savannah. The war continued elsewhere, including the siege of Gibraltar and naval operations in the East and West Indies, until peace was agreed in 1783 [the Treaty of Paris].

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The Battle for Concord and Lexington was a HUGE victory for Americans.

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the battle of trenton

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Q: What battle did America win to win the the Revolutionary war by winning what battle?
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How did America earn France's help in the Revolutionary War?

By winning the Battle of Saratoga

What is the most important event of the Revolutionary War?

winning it. NO, the Battle of Yorktown and the Battle of Saratoga Battle of Saratoga - because if the colonists had not won it they might not have had hope of winning the Revolutionary War. The Battle of Yorktown - because that was the last major battle of the Revolutionary War and the Colonists won it - this was written by a different person than who wrote, (stupidly), winning it

Was the battle of Trenton important?

Answer:The Americans gained confidence in winning the Revolutionary war

When did France make an alliance with America during the revolutionary war?

After the battle of Saratoga.

Why was the york town battle fought?

The battle of Yorktown was fought in Virginia in 1781 during the revolutionary war. The revolutionary war was fought in order to gain independence from Great Britain. This battle ended the revolutionary war by the surrender of British General Cornwallis and America gained there independence from GB.

How did the America Revolution start?

The American Revolutionary War began with the Battle of Lexington and Cpncord.

Things that start with an E in the Revwar?

A battle was fought at Eutaw Springs, SC during the Revolutionary War. America fought against England in the Revolutionary War.

Why was the Battle of Trenton important?

Answer:The Americans gained confidence in winning the Revolutionary war

What battle basically ended the Revolutionary War?

the battle at Yorktown basically ended the revolutionary war.

Is the battle of Sullivan's island a battle during the revolutionary war?

Yes, the battle of Sullivan's island was during the Revolutionary war.

What if America won the Revolutionary war?

America did win their Revolutionary War, or what is called "the War of Independence".

Was the Revolutionary War the same as the battle of Saratoga?

The Battle of Saratoga was part of the Revolutionary War. It was considered the turning point of the war.