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These are some of the major battles of World War I on the western front.

Battle of Liège, Battle of the Frontiers, First Battle of the Marne, First Battle of Ypres, Second Battle of Ypres, Second Battle of Artois, Second Battle of Champagne, Battle of Verdun, Battle of the Somme, Battle of Cambrai, German Spring Offensive of 1918 and then the Allied "Hundred Days" Offensive resulted in the collapse and capitulation of the German Empire.

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the major battles at the western front were probably battle of the somme and battle of verdun and your fat

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very organized and put together. it was mostly battle field combat.

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Q: What battles were on the western front?
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What was worse the western front or the eastern front?

Western, the had the Battle of Verdun and Somme which were the worst battles of WWI.

What was the effect of machine guns tanks poison gas and airplanes used in the battles along the western front?

what was the effect of machine guns, tanks, poison gas, and airplanes used in the battles along the western front

Who won the western front battle?

Those battles were fought and won by your ancestors.

What does western front mean?

During a war, a "front" is a place where armies are fighting battles. In World War I, most of the major battles were in Europe. So in World War I, "Western Front" refers to the front in the western portion of Europe- it was mainly in northern France, where Germany had invaded. The "Eastern Front" was in Eastern Europe, primarily around the borders between Russia and Germany/Austria-Hungary.

The critical World War 1 battles were fought where?

along the the western front

Did the anzacs fight on the western front?

Australians and New Zealanders participated in many battles on the Western Front, from 1916 onwards. Some of the battles Australians were involved in included Fromelle, Passchendaele, Villiers-Brettoneux, Third Ypres, and the Siegfriend Line.

Why did Australia go to the western front?

Are you referring to the west of the country or the Western Front as in the First World War? If you are referring to the Western Front, then it is because so many young Australian soldiers lost their lives in battles there. Battles such as Fromelles, Pozieres, Bullecourt, Messines, Ypres and so on resulted in the deaths of many, which when you consider Australia had a relatively small population had a profound impact on the national mindset.

Which of the World War 1 battles was not fought on the Western Front?

Many of them. The most famous are Tannenberg, Gallipoli and the Jutland.

Why did battles on the western front result in little territorial gain in WW1?

Trench warfare made the movement of troops difficult

What battles did the Roland c2 fight in?

The LFG Roland served all along the Western Front as well as in the Balkans and in Turkey.

Where did the majority of the battles take place?

Of World War One, Europe. But mainly in the Western Front, which is France and parts of Belgium.

What was the effects of Machine guns tanks poison gas and airplanes are used in battles along the Western Front?

The Western Front was bogged down in trench warfare because there was no room left to maneuver due to these new technologies.