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A direct democracy is a democracy that is controlled by direct voting. Whoever gets the most votes wins. Basically, the one with the most votes would get the Presidency.

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Q: What best describe a direct democracy?
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What words best describe the representative form of democracy as compared to a direct form of democracy?

What words best describe the representative form of democracy as compared to a direct form of democracy? More efficient More democratic Indirect Equal

What best describe Jefferson views on the new government?

America was too big to be a direct democracy

The best definition for direct democracy?

Direct democracy means that the people vote on every single rule

What is a simile for direct democracy?

You may be wondering exactly what Direct Democracy is and how it works. Direct Democracy is a form of government that is said to be by the people, but also for the people. It is a type of government that the people will make the decisions for themselves rather than to have the decisions made by representatives. Another term used to describe Direct Democracy is pure democracy or "true" democracy.

How do you feel about direct democracy?

How do you feel about direct democracy?

How does reprasentative democracy differ to direct democracy?

How does direct democracy differ from reprecentative democracy

How is a direct democracy different from a regular democracy?

Define regular democracy. A democracy is a government by the people. A direct democracy is a type of democracy.

What is Switzerland's democracy?

direct democracy

Why did ancient Athens believe in democracy was the best form of government for them?

The direct democracy gave power to the people so the people supported it.

Is switerzland entirely a direct democracy?

Switzerland is not entirely a direct democracy. It is the closest state in the world to a direct democracy. Switzerland features a system of government called direct representation.

What are pros and cons of direct democracy?

There are many pros and cons of having a direct democracy. One pro of having a direct democracy is a say in your laws.

Is the difference between a representative democracy and A direct democracy?

Direct democracy is doing something by the government andrepresentative democracy is a democracy where citizens delegae authority to elect represntatives