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it is called a cencus

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A national census.

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Q: What best describe a program that tallies the number of people in the entire country as well as in each individual state?
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How many popular votes did obama get in the 2008 election?

Returns for the 2012 presidential election showed President Obama leading the popular vote nationally with 62,610,003 tallies (or 50.6 percent) over Republican challenger Mitt Romney, who had 59,133,398 (or 47.9 percent). Obama led with 332 electoral votes, while Romney trailed with 206.

Which president has gotten the most electoral votes in history?

In 1984, Ronald Reagan was elected with 525 electoral votes, the largest number ever won by any president ever. This was also the largest percentage of possible electoral votes ever won. However, the electoral vote system was changed in 1872, so the number of electors won by presidents elected prior to 1872 cannot be compared perfectly with the current system.In the 1936 election, Roosevelt won re-election over the Republican candidate, Alfred M. Landon, sweeping every state except Maine and Vermont. The electoral vote was 523 for Roosevelt to 8 for Landon

How does the voting process work?

Voting is regulated mostly by state law. You actually place your vote at a precinct in your neighborhood. You must be registered and legally eligible to vote before you can vote. Many states now let you register at the DMV when you get your driver's license. This can cause problems because people who are not legally eligible to vote sometimes become registered when they shouldn't be. There is a big move toward mail in ballots now. This and other issues concerning electronic counting of votes has created some security issues that must be solved if we are going to preserve democracy in the U.S. For more specific information go to This is a non-partisan non-profit site that simply seeks to keeps the elections in this country hones.

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