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restrict Immigration rates for countries outside of Western Europe

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Q: What best describes President Coolidge's policy on immigration?
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What best describe president Coolidge's policy on immigration?

restrict Immigration rates for countries outside of Western Europe

Which term best describes the policy of both president harry Truman and president lyndon Johnson?


In which area do states help the national government?

Immigration policy

Which term best describes the foreign policy of both President Harry Truman and President Lyndon Johnson?


Why would California workers be against Japanese immigration?

It depends on employment and government policy for Japanese Immigration.

Which of the following describes a situation in which a president uses the media attention given to the president's office to build support for policy proposals?

going public

What statement best describes immigration policy in the 1920?

Only you have the statements and need to answer this question because we don’t do homework. Your teacher is looking for your critical thinking skills.

What is a closed immigration policy?

A closed immigration policy is when a country doesnt allow its citizens to go to whatever country they want

Who did the new immigrants policy favor?

The immigrants from northern Europe were favored by the new Immigration policy.

What is IMEPO?

Immigration Policy Institute

which statement accurately describes how congress and the supreme court influence U.S. immigration policy apex?

Congress passes laws to regulate immigration, while the supreme court determines whether the regulations are constitutional.

How did the immigration act of the 1990 change American immigration policy?

it increased Immigration quotas and eased most remaining restrictions