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the use of living organisms in the development of new products
The use of living organisms in the development of new products

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Q: What best describes biotechnology?
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What's a best presentation for biotechnology?

The best presentation for biotechnology is bacteria presentation because you can easily find information about it and try the presentation on PowerPoint

Which is the best biotechnology institute in India?


Best biotechnology college in India?

As far as the name, recognition and ratings go, the biotechnology program at JNU is said to be one of the best in India today.

What is the definition of plant biotechnology?

the plant biotechnology is that in which techniques are used as in animal and produce new and best plant specises.

Best biotechnology universities in Singapore?

university of Singapore

Which is the best engineering college for biotechnology in coimbatore?

KIT is recognized to be one of the best biotechnology colleges in coimbatore. A highly qualified team of professionals provide quality training to the students.

What degree is needed to have a biotechnology job?

To enter the career field for biotechnology, one must have a degree in biotechnology. A masters or doctorate would definitely be best but for entry level jobs a smaller degree is still suitable.

What is the best private university in Bangladesh for biotechnology?

North South University

Which University has the best biotechnology programs in Canada?

York University Canada

Which is the best university in the UK at which to study biotechnology?

Southampton university in Southampton,Hampshire

Which engineering is best among eee mechanical biotechnology and chemical engineering?


How does biotechnology affect society?

Advancement in biotechnology has enabled us to get better consumer products as reasonable price. Some incurable human diseases like diabetes, sickle cell anemia, cystic fibrosis etc are now best treated using biotechnology. Biotechnology is high- tech low- risk technology hence its impact on the society is tremendous.