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A group of independent city-states with a shared culture.

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Paying tribute included giving gold or human sacrifice victims to a larger, more powerful empire. Which empire forced others to pay tribute?

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rival kingdoms or city-states

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Q: What best describes the political organization of the Maya civilization?
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What happened to the Maya civilization in the 900?

they collapse in the 900s

. In the Mayas social pyramid, which of these characters is the most important one?

Maya society concerns the social organization of the Pre-Hispanic Maya, its political structures, and social classes. ... The Maya Civilization, centered in these tropical lands, reached their peak of power and influence around the sixth century. ... Cranial modification was one of the most important practices of the Olmec culture

Were Maya a civilization?

yes it was an civilization

What are the names of past leaders of the Maya people?

Some famous past leaders of the Maya people include Lady Six Sky, Pacal the Great, and Smoke Imix. These leaders were influential in the political and cultural development of Maya civilization.

What best describes how the Maya civilization was governed?

a single king had complete control over the mayan government

What civilization was responsible for building angkor what?

Maya civilization

Can i see the civilization Maya?

no you can not

Who had the largest civilization?


Why do we know more about the Aztec than the Maya?

The Maya civilization fell much sooner than Aztec civilization.

What happened to the Maya civization in 900s?

the Maya civilization began to collapse

Why do we know more about the Maya civilizations than about olmec civilizations?

the maya civilization fell sooner than aztec civilization

Can you give me a sentence that has the word Maya?

The Yucatan is where the Maya civilization arose.