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The Senate cannot introduce bills for raising revenue. Article 1, Section 7 of the US Constitution states that All bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House of representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other bills

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The bills of revenue don't start in the senate.

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What bill can the senate not introduce.

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tax bill

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Q: What bill can the senate not introduce?
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Can the senate introduce a tax bill?

no He/she can not

Who can introduce a law in the house or the senate?

Any member of Congress can introduce a bill in their respective House.

How does a member of the house or senate decide what bill to introduce?

they roll presidential dice

How does the Senate introduce a bill?

You didn't specify for what country. I assume there are differences in procedure from one country to another.

Can the senate introduce a debt bill?

Yes they can but it is far rarer than the house. Firstly it is done by house.

Who must first introduce a bill for it to be considered by congress?

A bill must be introduced in the congress by the members of the congress.

Who may introduce all kinds of bills?

Only members of Congress can introduce a Bill, though anyone can suggest a topic for a Bill. Most Bills originate in the US House of Representatives.

Who can introduce a bill?

In most parliaments the executive introduces legislation but some countries have time where private members can introduce bills for debate and voting. If you want an answer regarding a specific country's legislature please be specific in your questions.

When republicans gained control of the house and senate in 1990 what did they introduce?

Budget Enforcement Act of 1990 - Gramm Rudman Hollingsworth Bill

Can the vice president intro a bill into the house's hopper?

No, he can not introduce legislation. He can only vote if there is a tie vote in the Senate. He has no role in the House.

Who can sponsor a bill in congress?

All congress members can sponsor a bill.Go to: useful (and reliable) information regarding how a bill becomes a law.

A new bill may be introduced......A either the house of representatives or the senate B only in the house of representatives C only in the senate?

The Senate NEVER has the exclusive right to introduce legislation. The House of Representatives has the exclusive right to introduce legislation on bills regarding the raising, and spending, of money (e.g. the yearly federal budget, and laws about adjusting taxes). If it is not about money, both houses can introduce it at their own whim.