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The electoral college elects the US president. When the people vote for president, they are actually voting for the electors who made up the electoral college and who actually elect the president. The electors pledge to support one particular candidate. The electors never meet as a group but each elector votes in his state capital and the votes are sent to the Senate president. They are counted in a joint session of Congress.

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Q: What body ACTUALLY elects the president?
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What do you call the body that actually elects the president and the vice president?

The Conscience.

Who actually elects the president?

The Electoral College

What vote actually elects a candidate as president?

electoral college

Who actually elects the president according to article 2?

Electoral College

Who formally elects the president?

The electoral college elects the president.

Who formally elects the the president?

The electoral college elects the president.

Who elects the president and vice president if no one wins a marjority vote of electoral college votes?

The House of Representatives elects the President, and the Senate elects the Vice President.

In Austria the ruler was called?

Austria elects a President.

Who elects the Lt Governor?

president elects the lt governor

Which branch elects the president?

The legislative branch elects the president

What special body elects the US president and vice president?

The U.S. President and Vice President are elected by the special body called the Electoral College. Each state has electors that are appointed. In total, there are 538 electors.

Who officially elects the president and president?