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Moral decay and sliding towards socialism. A problem the people seem helpless to change. The people would make better decisions if we had a media that brought us truth instead of bias.


It is without a doubt the downward spiral and out of control slide towards socialism that is most disturbing. This was a country founded on principles of freedom, where every individual was free, (albeit a Civil War ensuring all were free), to live their lives as they saw fit and to become as big or as small as they chose to be. In this modern day rush towards socialism there is much talk about "civil rights" and the rights of the minority, but as it was in the past it is today and there is no greater minority than the individual. It is in the freedom of the individual, of all individuals, that freedom survives. The collective mindset is less concerned with the freedoms of individuals and more concerned with the acquisition of power. The individual can not flourish and prosper if justice and tranquility are substituted for plunder and chaos. For truly, a collective has no reason for being when justice prevails and domestic tranquility is the order of the day.

While the preamble of the Constitution of the United States of America phrases all of us as individuals in terms of "We the People", this does not mean that we the people can only find justice, tranquility, defense, and secure the "Blessings of Liberty" through collectives alone. Indeed, our best chances at survival as individuals come through our own individual accomplishments and as tempting as it may be to allow collectives to provide for our well being, it is never enough and rarely sustainable. We must as individuals endeavor to be more than who we are just as our forefathers did before us and in doing so, any collectives we choose to join will benefit greatly from this. However, if we rely upon the collective to rise up itself and be more than it is we will all find failure and dissonance as a result. A collective can only be as strong as its strongest individuals but any individual can be as strong as they choose to be. Socialism, being that most insidious of all collectives, would conscript the strong and insist they carry the group.

While we all have a responsibility towards each other, it is best that each individual decide just how much responsibility they can practically accept in this regard. The idea of surrendering such choice to that of some group authority is in direct conflict with the principles by which our forefathers shed their blood and stood and fought for freedom. Socialism is nothing more than snake oil and it will not heal what ails us. If we are sick and need to heal then it is best we accept responsibility for that and do what we must to heal. Heal thyself and the need for social medicine becomes less necessary. Heal thyself and be strong and then heal those around you but in the name of freedom, do not heal others if that act justifies tyranny. Tyranny is a means to an end and that, in the end is no end at all. No matter how we slice it, it is always the end that was brought about by the means. To flourish and prosper is a worthy end to which we should all aim. No one will flourish and prosper if we all surrender to the collective.

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