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legislative branch

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Q: What branch of government is given constitutional responsibility for regulation of trade under the US Constitution?
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What is the differences between a constitution and a constitutional government?

A constitution is a document, explaining the rules, regulation, and setup of a constutional goverment. A constutional gov. is built around the blueprint of the constution.

Why is there so much government regulation involving social responsibility issues?

Why is there so much government regulation involving social responsibility issues? Should there be less

What level of government has primary policymaking responsibility for regulation marriages?

state government

What is the branch of government that is given constitutional responsibility for regulation of trade?

The US Constitution authorizes the Legislativebranch (Congress) to regulate trade with foreign countries, between the states, and with Native American nations in Article I, Section 8, Clause 3.

Laissezfaire policy during the Gilded Age in which government let businesses function without regulation reflected the Constitutional principle of?

limited government.

List the sources of law in the US Be very specific as to which branch of government creates each type of law?

The four sources of law (through the prism of our constitution); Constitutional Law, Statutory Law, Administrative regulation, and Common Law.

What is constitutional sovereignty?

A sovereign state means, it has complete authority over its own territory. No other states can interfere in its sovereignty. If a sovereign state has its own constitution then, constitution is sovereign to enable its rule and regulation in its own geographical area which is called constitution sovereignty.

Where does the Constitution grant the Federal government the right to appropriate funding for education and entitlement programs?

The US Constitution does not guarantee education as a right or entitlement. That has been added by statute and regulation.

Where is it written that state laws are responsible for education?

There is no law specifying state responsibility for education. Rather, the US Constitution's "reservation clause" reserves all rights to the states that are not explicitly claimed for the Federal government in the Constitution. The Constitution makes no federal claim to education policy. However, the Constitution does claim control over "interstate commerce." Much of the body of Federal regulation and distibution programs are empowered under the auspices of interstate commerce.

Should the government have regulation of the number of children people can have?

The Constitution forbids that power to Congress. States have no reason to try that. SO, no, impossible in the USA.

What is government regulation?

Government regulation is defined as a law that controls the way a business is allowed to operate. The laws can all be considered together in government regulation

What size of government does the Republicans party want?

They want a FEDERAL government of the minimum size - and cost - required to carry out the enumerated powers of the Constitution REALLY WELL, and to do nothing - and spend nothing - prohibited by the Constitution to federal government. They want state governments of the minimum size required to carry out the government functions the Constitution reserves to states: policing, education, health insurance regulation, criminal courts.