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The Executive Branch

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Q: What branch of government was James Pickney Henderson in?
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Who is James pickney Henderson?

James Pinckney Henderson was the first Governor of Texas. He was born March 31, 1808 and died June 4th 1958.

What has the author Alfred James Henderson written?

Alfred James Henderson has written: 'London and the national government, 1721-1742'

What unusual action did Governor James Pickney Henderson take during the Mexican war?

He got permission from the Legislature to assume command of the Texas Rangers serving in the war and served under Zachary Taylor at the Battle of Monterrey.

In republican government which branch necessarily predominates according to James Madison?

The Legislative Branch

What has the author James Henderson written?

James Henderson has written: 'Life of James Henderson, M.D' -- subject(s): Missions

Who was the first governar in Texas?

James Pickney Hinderson was the first elected governor of Texas

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