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An assemblyman is in the legislative branch.

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Q: What branch of legislature is an assemblyman in?
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Which article deals with the legislature branch?

Article I can be found in the legislature branch

What is the name of the state assemblyman or woman for California?

There are 80 assemblymen (and women) in the California legislature. Visit to list them.

What are the two political offices did Abraham Lincoln held?

He was State Assemblyman in the Illinois State Legislature, and then elected to US Congress from Illinois.

What does the legislature branch do?

The legislature branch is responsible for creating laws. The legislative branch is also responsible for regulating interstate commerce and declare war.

What check does the legislature branch have on the executive branch?


How are state legislature like the federal legislature branch?

They make the laws.

What branch declares war?


What is cubs legislature?

Cuba's legislature branch is the national assembly of people powers

What is the executive branch do in Italy?

They check the laws made by legislature branch.

How will the judicial branch share its power?

The legislature can make laws so if the judicial branch judges something not moral, the legislature can change the law.

What did the Framers of the Constitution intend the legislature to do?

they intended it to have the legislative branch, executive branch, and the judicial branch.

How does the legislative branch check the other branch?

The legislature branch approves the justice chosen by the head of the executive branch.