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Executive, Congress re-writes it if they do not appove.

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Executive branch

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Q: What branch writes the nations budget?
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Which branch writes maritime laws?

No answer

What branch prepares budget?

The Executive Branch of government prepares the federal budget. This is then reviewed by the Legislative Branch. An appropriations bill is then submitted back to the President to be signed into law or to be vetoed.

Who must approve the US budget?

Its the legislative branch.

Which branch of the US government has power over the US budget?

The executive branch makes suggestions on the budget, but Congress has control over it.

Which branch of government prepares the federal budget?

It is hard to tell. There has not even been a federal budget since Barack Obama took office. But it is supposed to be the legislative branch does it using the President's recommendations and other input.The federal budgetary formulation and legislation process has proceeded during the tenure of the Obama Administration as it has with previous administrations.The United States Federal Budget and its enabling appropriations legislation, is Congressional legislation just as any, and its consideration and enactment is as subject to the rules of the United States Congress and the provisions of the United States Constitution setting forth the legal requirements for the enactment of federal legislation, as any other.The Executive branch agency responsible for the President's proposed federal budget is the Office of Management and Budget, an officer within the Executive Office of the President.The Legislative branch agency responsible for advising the United States Congress as to economic data, including those pertaining to federal budgetary matters, is the Congressional Budget Office.

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Which branch writes the nations budget?

It is the executive branch of government in the United States that is responsible for writing the nation's budget. This branch includes the president, vice president, and their cabinet members.

What is the sequence of steps in preparing the national budget?

The executive branch writes a preliminary budget proposal. Congress decides on the details of the budget. The president signs the completed budget into law.

What branch of government writes new laws?

Legislative Branch.

Which branch writes maritime laws?

No answer

What is the role of the legislative branch in the budget?

The Executive branch drafts the budget and the Legislative branch approves it or makes changes to it.

What it the duties of a budget analysts?

to create the nations budget

Which branch gives the OK for budget spending?

The legislative branch authorizes and appropriates funds for budget spending.

Which branch prepares the nation's budget?

The Judicial branch

What is the nations budget?


What branch spends money?

The Legislature ultimately decides appropriations (the division of money between government programs). However, in terms of the budget, the Governor proposes a budget and the legislature approves or amends it. Once the budget proposal passes in the house and senate, it is presented to the Governor to be signed into law. Legislature- writes the laws Executive branch-makes them official and puts them into practice by signing them.

What branch of government passes the federal budget?

Legislative branch and Executive branch

Which branch writes and votes on a new bill?