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Bunker Hill.

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Q: What brief battle forced the British to retreat to Boston?
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Who won at the battles at Lexington and concord?

we won and forced the British to retreat

Who was the British General forced to retreat from Boston?

George Grenville IMPROVEMENT The British commander in Boston was General Thomas Gage. He was also the British commander in chief in America.

Who forced the british to evacuate Boston?

chuck Norris As a Bostonian, I'm personally offended by that answer. A Massachusetts militia forced the evacuation of Boston after 11 months of siege.

Which states were involved in heavy fighting between 1776 and 1778?

Most of the battles took place in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The first battle was in Massachusetts and the last in Virginia. 1776 began with British forces in Boston under seige by the colonials. When a small group of men led by Benedict Arnold and Ethan Allen captured Fort Ticonderoga in New York's northern wilderness and sent its many cannon back to Boston, the British were forced to evacuate. From there, Washington moved the troops to New York City but was himself forced out when the British took control of it. They pursued him to Brooklyn and into New Jersey. By the end of 1777, they had captured Philadelphia. But most of the fighting was in New York (the loss of NYC, the battle of Long Island, the retreat from Quebec, and the Saratoga campaign and its related battles) and New Jersey (the battles of Trenton, Princeton, and Morristown).

What the different between the battle of Lexington and the battle of concord?

Both occurring on April 19th of 1775 as the start of the Revolutionary War, the battles of Lexington and Concord differed in several ways. Separated from Concord by several miles, the town of Lexington witnessed a quick though indecisive victory by British troops very early in the day. Just up the road from Lexington, Concord was the site of a longer battle later in the day: this battle resulted in an American victory, followed by a hot pursuit of the retreating British back to Boston.

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What battle forced the British to retreat to Boston?

Bunker Hill.

Which brief battle forced the british to retreat Boston?

Battle of Lexington and Concord

Where did the British go after the battle of Lexington?

The British army then marched toward Concord, but were met there with superior numbers of Patriot forces and were forced to retreat back to Boston.

Who won breed's and bunker hills battle?

the british because the colonists ran out of gun powder and ammo and were forced to retreat

Who won at the battles at Lexington and concord?

we won and forced the British to retreat

The British Army forced the Americans to retreat but sustained heavy losses at?

Answer this The British Army forced the Americans to retreat, but sustained heavy losses at: question…

What battle were the confederates narrowly defeated and forced them to retreat to Corinth?


Why is the battle of jutland significant?

The Battle of Jutland was significant because it reinforced British dominance in the North Sea. Even though the German fleet inflicted more damage on the British fleet, it was still forced to retreat, which left control of the North Sea in British hands.

What were the immediate effects of the Americans losing the Battle of Bunker Hill?

The Battle of Bunker Hill was a major part of the American Revolutionary War, a battle won by the British. However, while the Americans had run out of ammunition and were forced to retreat, the British had suffered a great loss of men, and gained a respect for the American army. The American's retreat was not followed after like it would have been before.

Why the colonist were forced to retreat in the Battle of Bunker Hill?

were running out of ammo and stuff

Who lost the battle of gettsburg?

Lee lost and was forced to retreat back into Virginia.

How is the name battle of the bunker hill misleading?

June 17, 1775. First major battle of the American Revolution. Within two months of the Battle of Lexington and Concord, more than 15,000 colonial troops assembled. Boston to prevent British army from occupying hills around the city. Battle was actually on Breed's Hill, not Bunker Hill. Colonists fortified Breed's Hill in Charlestown; withstood cannonade from British ships in Boston Harbor, and fought off assaults by 2,300 British troops but were eventually forced to retreat. British won the battle landwise, but it was a Pyrrhic victory that lent considerable encouragement to the revolutionary cause.