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Movies, because the television made it possible to see programs such as the news at home instead of going out.

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Q: What came first movies or television?
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Which came first the phone or the TV?

Phone came before the TV.

How did tv change the election of 1960?

The first televised debate was broadcasted. It was between JFK and Nixon and JFK looked young and smart compared to Nixon. Nixon was sweating and nervous. Even though it was in black and white JFK came out of it the sure winner. This brought about the use of TV in politics.

What did people do before the tv was invented?

Each new generation had a new mass medium. And each generation loved the particular medium they had. For example, in the 1890s, movies (called moving pictures or photoplays back then) were invented. They were silent and black & white but people loved them because they had nothing to compare them to; as movies improved, soon there were movie stars, and exciting stories, and special effects. People thought movies were pretty cool. Around the same time, phonographs and recorded music were invented; people loved this new invention, even if the early record players didn't sounds very good (and you had to crank them by hand). People didn't complain because they never had music in their home before so they thought this new invention was the best. In 1920, commercial radio came along. It started in 3 cities in the US (and it also started in several countries including Canada). People loved it because it told stories, it took you to an event exactly when it was happening, and it played your favorite songs and let you hear the baseball game or whatever. In fact, people were amazed by radio. They had lots of favorite programs, and many kids dreamed of being radio stars. And they didn't miss TV because it hadn't been invented. For people in the era before TV came along, radio and movies and records changed their life.

When was the first american television created?

The first American television was created in the year 1927. The location that the first American television was created in was the city known as San Francisco, California.

Who was the first US President to have his inauguration broadcast on television?

Harry Truman was the first president to have his inauguration broadcast on television, on January 20, 1949.

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When did you get sound in television?

TV always came with sound. There was never a "silent" TV. In fact by 1928 movies had sound.

Did television came first before radio communication?

No. Radio came first.

Which came first the phone or the TV?

Phone came before the TV.

At the Movies was first broadcast on TV in which year?


What came first the Television or the camera?

Technically the very first camera (out in 1826) and the very first video camera (came out around the 1950's)

What came first Star Wars books or Star Wars movies?

Star Wars IV: A New Hope (the movie) came out in 1977 before any books were written. The movies came first.

How much does a Harley Davidson fatboy weigh?

The average Harley Davidson Fatboy weighs 694 lbs. The Fatboy is a popular model of motorcycle that has been featured in movies and TV shows. It was originally called The Ghost because it only came in grey when it first came out.

When did the first color tv come out?

the first colour tv came out in 1928.

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Driving licence - 1903 Tv licence - 1940 So obviously driving licences came out first! :)

What is your biggest pet peeve about movies and tv shows today?

My pet peeve about movies and tv shows today is that they're unoriginal. People are just remaking movies because they made such a killing when the original came out, then the remake turns out to be terrible and TV shows are all just supposed real life stuff now.