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Camp Valley Forge is where General Washington stayed the winter of 1777-1778, and ended up suffering many hardships.

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valley forge

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Q: What camp was near philadelphia where general Washington and his men suffered sever hardships during the winter of 1977?
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What is the name of the camp near Philadelphia where General Washington and his men suffered during the winter of 1777?

Vally Forge

When Lafayette arived in Philadelphia from France he offered his seves to?

General Washington

How did the experiences at Valley Forge transform the army?

By general Howe forcing george Washington out of Philadelphia.

Which city was captured by General Howe in 1777?

After defeating General Washington at the Battle of Brandywine on Sept. 11, 1777, General Howe captured and occupied the city of Philadelphia on Sept. 26, 1777.

Who won the battle of Philadelphia british or Americans?

yes they did win the battle

What mistake did General Howe make after he crushed the Patriots at the Battle of Brandywine Creek?

Though he won both battles, Gen Howe did not destroy Washington's forces at Brandywine Creek or Germantown. He spent the winter in Philadelphia, while Washington was a few miles away at Valley Forge. In so doing, he left British Gen John Burgoyne exposed as he came into the Battle of Saratoga where Burgoyne suffered a crushing defeat.

Who was the commander of continental army?

General George Washington

Why did the british win the Battle at Brandywine Creek?

George Washington, at the time a general, inaccurately gauged the British forces, believing them to be a lot smaller. The British employed a flanking maneuver, where the army was split into 3 parts. One to march head on to the Americans, with the attention focused on them. Oblivious to the Americans, the other two parts came up from behind on either side.

Why was General Washington a general?

General Washington was a general because the Continental Congress gave him that rank when it placed him in charge of the army.

General leader who failed to meet Burgoyne and Howe at Saratoga because he had been beaten at Oriskany?

General Leger did not make it there and he was actually stopped at Fort Stanwix. General Howe did not make it to Saratoga, he was chasing after George Washington in Philadelphia. Burgoyne was the only one there.

Why did General Washington capture Quebec?

General Washington never captured Quebec.

When was General Washington Johnston born?

General Washington Johnston was born in 1776.