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the general assembly can turn it over to the courts to vote on

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Q: What can the general assembly do after a veto?
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Can the Security Council veto the general assembly?


How can the General Assembly override the govenor's veto?

reopen the bill

Each country in the United Nations General Assembly has veto power?


How can you override the veto of Georgia's govenor?

A veto of the Governor of Georgia requires a two thirds vote of Georgia General Assembly. The veto procedure is outlined in Georgia Constitution.

If the general assembly wishes to passes a bill over a veto what vote is necessary?

the president

What vote is necessary if the general assembly wishes to pass a bill over a veto?

the president

Which of the principles of government is demonstrated when the governor vetoes a bill from the general assembly?

That is an example of separation of powers. Only the general assembly can make laws, but governor can veto them if he chooses.

Can the Illinois general assembly veto a law?

Yes! A governor may veto the bill, but then it would take a 3/5 vote from both houses (Senate and House of Representatives) to override the governor's veto. If the governor does nothing with the bill for 60 days it automatically becomes a law.

Which branch of Tennessee government makes laws?

The Tennessee General Assembly passes legislation which then is forwarded to the Governor for his approval or veto. The General Assembly includes a Senate and a House of Representatives.

What fraction of the General Assembly does it take to override a veto of the governor and propose an amendment to the Illinois Constitution?


What fraction of the general assembly does it take to override a veto of the govenor and propose an amendment to the Illinois constitution?


Does the governor of Georgia have the line item veto power?

The Governor of Georgia does have line-item veto power. The Georgia General Assembly can override the governor's veto, with a two-thirds majority in each chamber.